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First... they took your family and your riches.

Then they took your health and your pride.

Whatever your story is, however you ended up with a bracelet in these cursed lands is yours to tell. In the harsh lands of exiles you choose your path or someone else will choose it for you.

Open Lore Policy[edit | edit source]

The Black Lotus server is an open lore server. We allow characters of all shapes, sizes, colors, histories, species, and sexualities as long as your character is not set to intentionally be world breaking or consequence escaping.

All users are free to submit subsets of lore for any species that they are playing but no single player is obligated to play your version of a species if they are also playing that species. As an open lore site we respect that not everyone comes from the same place, culture, history, etc. So, save for established Conan lores, let your creativity fly.

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