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Conflict resolution.[edit | edit source]

For those who have requested things like Initiative, we now have a system for it and a bit more control for those who want more fair combat and to understand "when" a skill or ability can be used. For orders sake, You will post your emotes. Then select your two options given. This will force players to be tactical and commit to an outcome. So to begin, post your Emote, then Select two action.

You get to pick any two actions--

-Move: into or out of melee range.

-Attack: Melee/Ranged attack or Spell attack.

-Potion: Drink a potion.

-Rune: Consuming a rune.

-Scroll: Use a scroll.

-Racial: Use a racial ability.

-Disengage: (must already be out of melee range to disengage)

With Disengage you are out of the combat, you may not return to the scene until it has concluded combat, better even to not return till the entire scene has concluded. (Like heading home, running away, or leaving the scene). Sometimes it is better to run than fight! If your hit points drop to zero you should rp out consequences. (must already be out of melee range to disengage)

Initiative and fight order:[edit | edit source]

To run over a Short scenario. On Fighting then running.

-I will post to you, I want to fight by drawing my sword in RP and hitting "Action: Call Initiative" This gives me a number in the turn order based on my skills and weight. I get a 15

-You do the same, and roll at 10.

-I will Rp out moving into melee range with you, and attacking you with my long sword. Send the post. In Shift R I select "Action: Move into melee range" target you, and use "Melee: Weapon strike." ending my turns.

-You decide that hurt a lot when i hit you, But you don't want to fight so you emote you wish to run, you could attack me, and drink a potion, you could use a racial and a potion, you could cast a scroll and a rune. But you emote that you don't want to fight and start to run away.

You used "Action: Move out of melee range" and "Action: Disengage" and you flee from the scene and rp. Ending your turn and our fight.

In summery you can slug it out, or run away, Mages can move out of range and kite, you are either in range of melee or out of range. Melee range is anything under 2 tiles. (tiles are part of the range and targeting system, if you cant see something listed as a target, its out of the abilities range.)

Hit-points and consequences.[edit | edit source]

Coming soon.

Final note.[edit | edit source]

Drinking a potion and Calling initiative come with custom statuses you may use to show others what has gone on if you have late comers to the rp. "Ahh I just walked into the bar and see these two have in combat tags up.. I should wait till they are done fighting."