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Building rules are for server stability and lag.

General Rules

  • You must be in a clan in order to build, even as a solo player.
  • GCAM glass should be used sparingly and only for details. Buildings found using too much glass will be required to reduce.
  • Blocking passages, resources, lore, recipes is forbidden.
  • Foundation spam is prohibited, not to be confused with double stacking. This is where you place foundations to push out land claims or to prevent spawns etc.
  • Spawn point blocks are prohibited when the spawn is unique and spawns no where else or a boss.
  • Resource mines are limited to 1 per clan.
  • Map rooms are banned, all portals are available at the hub.
  • Fish/Shellfish traps are allowed to a maximum of 3 per person and 10 total per clan.
  • Cubes of death are only permitted as a temporary measure to build near a large creature spawn point.

Building Sizes

  • Clans up to 5 players are permitted 2000 building pieces.
  • Clans 6 players and more are permitted 2500 building pieces.
  • Placeables do not have a hard limit at this time as long as ADB is used.
  • Building Pieces and placeables are a total of all clan owned buildings, no matter the location. You can verify totals by opening /heatmap


  • Shrines that aren't the Naked nun or Ark of Faith shrine are strictly forbidden and will be taken down without refund. Unless the location is considered a Player Hub.
  • Shrines at player hubs are considered to be both IC and OOC. So if your character isn't permitted due to IC actions to a location you can still go to the location to craft, however all interactions will be considered OOC.

Thralls and Thralling

  • Wheels of pain must be at an outpost or base.
  • Temporary wheels of pain are forbidden since you can /home with your thrall.
  • Killing a thrall that someone else is in the process of capturing is prohibited.

Suggested Etiquette

  • Don't build in locations close to good thralling locations just to take all the good thralls.
  • When building please make sure to request permission from players that are in view of the structure you are making. This isn't required and can most certainly invoke some good RP for people to stop by the neighbors next door but normally its just nice to at least ask.

** Patron Users are permitted extra pieces and placeables depending on rank.