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Disputes between players should always be brought up to the staff when an amicable resolution cannot be found by discussing it between players.

All disputes must follow the below disputes process. Anything that is outside of this process will be deemed as non-staff related resolution even if the resolution was done in DMs with a member of the staff. This is to both keep the staff and members accountable for resolutions by using the method below.

Normal Disputes[edit | edit source]

  1. Go to #staff contact and submit a ticket by entering:

    -ticket open reason

    Where "reason" is a short 1-2 word description of why you are opening the dispute/ticket.
  2. Once you have opened the ticket a new room with your "open reason" for the title will open in the Contact the Staff category and the staff members will be added automatically.
  3. The staff will address the issue as soon as they are available. You are free to, at this time, add more information, proof, screenshots and more.
  4. The staff will then take the necessary actions to come to a resolution.
  5. Once a resolution has been made the member will have 24 hours to close the ticket or advise any further details that may need to be reconsidered before a staff member closes it for them.

Disputes with staff members:[edit | edit source]

When you have a dispute with a staff member, then you need to speak with the admins only. In order to do that you will do the same process and in the above but when you go to your ticket you will use the following command which will remove moderators:

-ticket ao