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The Black Lotus wiki is a conglomeration of information that is shared for all members to be able to build their characters, see the history of the server as we've grown and evolved, as well as contribute their own mark into the server itself. Below are requirements to adhere to, both for contributing to the wiki as well as editing.

  • The wiki is intended to be a shared resource, anything contributed can be used by other players and manipulated for their own use.
  • Reading contribution walk throughs for the pages is a must so that all pages are the same. Templates will be provided in these walk throughs to make things easier to submit.
  • Altering other users work is prohibited except when given permission by the owner. Adding content to an article is not considered altering.
  • Adding content (as long as it doesn't conflict with the above statement) is permitted. Some sections even provide how to do that.
  • All images posted must be safe for work.
  • Defacing pages is forbidden.

If you are unfamiliar with wiki editing but you would like to contribute then reach out in the #wiki-help room on the discord.