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Also known asBringers of Death, Angels of Death, Daughters of Odin
Home LocationBrythunia
Average Height5'7"-6'6"
Average AgeImmortal
Common ReligionsDerketo, Celtic
Notable CharactersMorrigan
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Valkyrie's are a proud species of primarily women that are warriors and bringers of death on a battlefield. Normally very well rounded and tough fighters Valkyries have been all but considered extinct.

Server Lore[edit | edit source]

Brythunian Valkyries are the oldest and most well known Valkyries throughout the kingdom though its rare to find them wandering around anymore. After incessant battles from many tribes throughout all of Hyboria, the valkyrie is all but extinct. Fortunately as one of the oldest of their kind the Brythunian Valkyrie have special magics that they use to conceal themselves where needed.

Wings[edit | edit source]

Brythunian Valkyrie Brand
Brythunian Valkyrie Brand

These Valkyries do not have wings that are out and in the open constantly. In fact they aren't even born with wings. When they are five years old, or when they believe that the person is strong enough, they are marked with a magical brand that gifts them their wings. The scar proof of their strength and their history while concealing the wings beneath the skin. This right of passage is a deadly one that many valkyries, even other sorts, hold in high esteem to the dedication of tradition that is less needed as magic grows.

Some others get their wings from a bird familiar who is magically linked to them. With these sorts of Valkyries if their familiar is incapacitated or not near enough to them they are unable to get their own wings as the magic isn't strong enough. This also means that if the familiar dies, the Valkyries ability to have wings at all.

Wings vary in color and size but normally are normal color variants of brown birds however there is a rare few with fully black or fully white wings.

Lore Alternates[edit | edit source]

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